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Custom Wedding Invitation Card


1 flat card  *Round corner available as extra option.
4.6" x 7.0" / 115 x 172mm ( Rectangle type)
Full color offset printing on both side
Invitation cards (1 flat card),
Envelopes(in white), Seals(silver sticker)

around 4~5 business days after payment
SGD $ 1.2 ea for 200 invites
(Including Printing)

Price per volume:

 To order with printing service, Please email your wording texts first.
Any amount order available (*Quotation: info@page1weddinginvitations.com)
Enclosure Invitation Sets (RSVP, Information card, Menu, Place card) 
* Price details by paper option (Link)

Wedding wording samples

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Size / Type
Color / Design
Finishing / Enclosures

1 flat card
(Postcard type)
(180 x 124mm)
in white
gold / silver sticker




        Wedding Invitation Card H102-810

>  Card material:
Premium matt nouveau card 250gsm * Thicker paper and Shimmer card, Embossed card, Art card available
>  Colour: Custom color available (Some design unavailable)
>  Number of printable pages: 2pages per card (Front and back side), Extra card available (as matching design)
>  Finishing options: Foil stamping (gold,silver, red, blue, green etc.), Blind embossing, Thermography, Spot-UV printing, Die-cut
>  Enclosure stationery (matching invitation design): RSVP card, Map / Information / Accommodation card, Menu etc.
>  Envelope and seal sticker option: Custom design envelope, color envelope, personalized monogram sticker, Sealing wax.

If you need further inquiry or quotation for this wedding cards,
Please email to
Our customer service team will support your inquiry and order
by e-mail ASAP and If you send us wording information for your
invitations, our designers will provide an artwork for printing until
you are satisfied with final artwork proof of the wedding cards


Paper option

>  Standard : Matt nouveau 250gsm white (for premium invitation card material)
>  Available extra paper option ( Link: Paper Gallery )
    A. Premium card : Felt or Embossed paper + 0.2 per card  /  Shimmer paper + $ 0.3 per card   /  Cotton paper + 0.5 per card
    B. Budget card :
Art card - 0.2 per card  /  Woodfree paper (Texture) - 0.1 per card
    C. Upgrade card thickness :
to 300 or 350gsm + 0.1~0.2 per card

>  Standard matt nouveau paper (250gsm) card image


Price Details (by Paper Types)

* Size(W x H) : 115 x 172mm / 180 x 120mm / 140 x 140mm (* A6 size : lower price)
* Type : 1 flat card (Rectangular, without rounded corner)
* Printing : Full color printing on both side (4C x 4C)
* Package : With envelope and sealing stickers
* Design : Handsmaden Custom card designs or Personal design (AI, PDF or high resolution JPEG file format)
* Another size and Finishing options available * Inquiry and Quotation ( info@page1weddinginvitations.com )

1. Matt Nouveau (Quality material for invitation card) *Link for material image
    - 100 cards : $ 1.4 per card for 250gsm (Sum : $ 140)  /   $ 1.5 per cards for 330gsm ( Sum : $ 150)
    - 200 cards : $ 1.0 per card for 250gsm (Sum : $ 200)  /   $ 1.1 per cards for 330gsm ( Sum : $ 220)
    - 300 cards : $ 0.9 per card for 250gsm (Sum : $ 270)  /   $ 1.0 per cards for 330gsm ( Sum : $ 300)
    - 500 cards : $ 0.8 per card for 250gsm (Sum : $ 400)  /   $ 0.9 per cards for 330gsm ( Sum : $ 450)

2. Art snow card or Woodfree texture paper (Normal material for invitation card) *Link for material image
    - 100 cards : $ 1.3 per card for 250gsm with lamination (Sum : $ 130)  /   $ 1.4 per cards for 310gsm ( Sum : $ 140)
    - 200 cards : $ 0.8 per card for 250gsm with lamination (Sum : $ 160)  /   $ 0.9 per cards for 310gsm ( Sum : $ 180)
    - 300 cards : $ 0.7 per card for 250gsm with lamination (Sum : $ 210)  /   $ 0.8 per cards for 310gsm ( Sum : $ 240)
    - 500 cards : $ 0.6 per card for 250gsm with lamination (Sum : $ 300)  /   $ 0.7 per cards for 310gsm ( Sum : $ 350)

3. Embossed, Felt card (Premium material for invitation card) *Link for material image
    - 100 cards : $ 1.5 per card for 250gsm (Sum : $ 150)  /   $ 1.7 per cards for 300gsm ( Sum : $ 170)
    - 200 cards : $ 1.1 per card for 250gsm (Sum : $ 220)  /   $ 1.2 per cards for 300gsm ( Sum : $ 240)
    - 300 cards : $ 1.0 per card for 250gsm (Sum : $ 300)  /   $ 1.1 per cards for 300gsm ( Sum : $ 330)
    - 500 cards : $ 0.9 per card for 250gsm (Sum : $ 450)  /   $ 1.0 per cards for 300gsm ( Sum : $ 500)

4. Shimmer, Metallic paper (Special material for invitation card) *Link for material image
    - 100 cards : $ 1.5 per card for 240gsm (Sum : $ 150)  /   $ 1.7 per cards for 300gsm ( Sum : $ 170)
    - 200 cards : $ 1.1 per card for 240gsm (Sum : $ 220)  /   $ 1.2 per cards for 300gsm ( Sum : $ 240)
    - 300 cards : $ 1.0 per card for 240gsm (Sum : $ 300)  /   $ 1.1 per cards for 300gsm ( Sum : $ 330)
    - 500 cards : $ 0.9 per card for 240gsm (Sum : $ 450)  /   $ 1.0 per cards for 300gsm ( Sum : $ 500)

* Other sizes and finishing options available * Inquiry and Quotation ( info@page1weddinginvitations.com )



>  Printing: Full color offset printing (for premium invitation), CMYK or Pantone color available
>  Color customization: Changeable to personal color scheme (Some design is unavailable)
>  Special color: gold / silver / metallic color printing available (with additional charge)

Size / Type

>  Standard size: 115 x 172mm (172 x 115mm), 125 x 180mm (180 x 125mm), 150 x 150mm, 130 x 130mm
>  Custom type available: rectangular, square (with/without round corner), custom shape (with die-cut)

Finishing options

>  Foil hot-stamping: shimmer or matt type (gold, silver, red, blue, green, pearl color) *cost depends on size of foil (wording)
>  Thermography (Raised ink embossing): Shimmer or matt type (gold, silver, black, red, blue etc.) *cost depends on size
>  Blind embossing: cost for blind embossing depends on size of cooper plate
>  Spot-UV printing: Transparent varnish finishing on printing area. (on art card available only)
>  Die-cut, Round corner: die-cut finishing available for custom shape *cost depends on size
> Details and Price for finishing options (Link : Finishing options)

(Foil hot-stamping)
(Thermography) (Blind embossing) (Spot-UV)

Embellishment Options

>  Ribbon: $ 0.4 each (18 colors available) *minimum order : 100 ribbons
>  Band: $ 0.4 each (Custom color, personal design paper band available) *minimum order : 100 pcs
>  Tag or Swarovski crystal: $ 0.5 each * minimum order : 200 pcs

Enclosure Cards / Stationery
(matching invitation card design)

>  Enclosure cards: RSVP card, Information card, Accommodation card, Map card, Thank you card and Menu etc.
>  Additional card for personal needs: for cover card, photo card etc.
>  Personalized envelope and seals:colored envelope, custom design envelope, personalized sticker and seal with wax available.




      1. Selection of design and Enquiry

             Please email your requirements for quotation and card model
             with order quantity to info@page1weddinginvitations.com
             We will give a quotation and terms for an order by e-mail soon.
             In case of 100% customized card for own design, please let
             us know
card size, folding type and order quantity you want for
             a quotation by e-mail in advance.
             You can pick up favorite card material on
"Paper Gallery" (Link)

      2. Decision of wording and font style
             You can select ceremony wording and font style on our sample
             pages of  Wording template (Link) and  font styles (Link)
             * Requirements of wording : couple name, parent name,
             Venue for wedding and dinner, date and time, dress code,
             RSVP information, verse (if applicable), poem and others.

      3. Request for artwork (proof) service of wedding cards
             For artwork / layout service, please email text of wording to
             The wording should be prepared with
word file, i.e. MS-word
             or text on e-mail (Image files to be captured is unacceptable.)

      4. Confirmation and approval of final artwork
             Our designer will do artwork for your printing proof and the
             completed artwork will be provided as PDF file by e-mail.
             After confirmation, you can request amendment of the artwork.
             * Please double check the artwork proof for finalization. Once
             you are fully happy with the spelling & layout, please approve
             the final artwork to go for printing. We will keep amending the
             artwork by your requests until you approve final artwork.
             * After printing start by your approval, additional revisions
             cannot be done any more.

      5. Payment for order
             After you approve final artwork, Please make payment by
             PayPal or Bank transfer
(available "Western-union" as well.)
             You can make payment on the web-page of the wedding card,
             but if you cannot find for any quantity you want to order on the
             price list, we will send you another PayPal link by e-mail for
             the payment.
             As soon as payment, we start the printing for wedding cards.
             * if you need official invoice in advance, please let me know
             so that we issue an invoice for you before the payment.

      6. Arrangement and printing, packing for Wedding cards

      7. Delivery (by courier service) to the world
             Please allow 3~4 days for the package to be in transit by EMS.
             Therefore the lead time will be around 5~7 business days
              including delivery after approval of final artwork and payment.
           * Express service available with extra charge

      8. Receipt of parcel and Confirmation
             After we dispatch the completed wedding invitation cards set,
             We will inform you the tracking number of the courier service.
             Arrival at customer place & confirmation of the package finally.



Matching Stationery (for Wedding Invitations Package)

Every invitations can come with complete matching set of enclosures
such as RSVP, Thank you, Wishing well, Place card and Program etc.

You are available matching stationery for below items.
The price shown below is for full colour printing with normal flat single
sided and matching wedding invitation cards size.
For finishing such as hot-stamping, embossing, spot-UV and others,
additional charge will be required as extra service.
These enclosure stationary cannot be provided as actual sample
because they are 100% customized items.
You can confirm the proof through artwork template we provide.

* Unit price depends on order quantity and paper material.

   -  Save the date card for wedding invites : from $ 1.0 ea
   -  Bridal shower :  from $ 0.9 ea
   -  Response card / RSVP :  from $ 0.9 ea
   -  Wishing well card :  from $ 1.0 ea
   -  Entourage card : from $ 1.0 ea
   -  Accommodation card : $ 0.9 ea
   -  Reception card :  from $ 0.9 ea
   -  Map (Direction) card :  from $ 0.9 ea
   -  Place card : from $ 1.2 ea
   -  Menu :  from $ 1.5 ea
   -  Wedding flavor boxes : from $ 0.9 ea
   -  Program (Order of service) : from $ 1.9 ea
   -  Thank you card :  from $ 1.0 ea 
   -  customized envelope :  from $ 125 for 200 envelopes
   -  customized seal sticker :  from $ 65 for 200 stickers

Place an order matching stationery on Enclosures web-page (Link).
For details of Wedding Flavor boxes is on "Flavor boxes" (Link).

If you have any special instructions that may require extra service or
attention, Please enquire by e-mail before submitting your order to
info@page1weddinginvitations.com .

Payment Policy

Payment mode (Wedding invitations Singapore)

- PayPal through credit card(VISA/Master) or debit card,
- Bank transfer or Western union.
*Cheque unavailable

 1) PayPal
     As most safe and easy way for official payment system, you are
     available PayPal link through "
Buy Now" button on this web-pages
     if you have credit card or debit card.
     If you have no account of PayPal, you can register own account
     easily as per instructions on the PayPal website.
     In case you need another quotation for extra service, we will send
     another PayPal link by e-mail for your payment. and if there is no
    any quantity you want on price list of the web-page, please request
     us another quotation by e-mail.

     After receive completed package, customer should check all of
     contents, number of item, consistency of order and printing condition
     within 2 weeks after receipt of the package. If customer finds any faulty
     or an error of production, the customer can request an correction and
     reprinting or the customer can claim about that to PayPal.
     If this period would be passed, we regards the order is completed
     without any faulty and closed the order successfully.

 2) Bank Transfer or Western Union
     Once you request bank transfer or western union for your payment,
     we will provide the information with official invoice by e-mail.
     After payment, please e-mail the receipt sheet (as scanned file or
     photograph) by e-mail soon so that we can start to print.

     For "Western Union", Please inform us " MTCN number, Sender's full
     name, contact number, amount " after sending money for payment.


For further inquiry for wedding cards and wedding invitations stationery, please let us know anytime by e-mail:
We will support you as soon as possible with our best service.


* Bulk buy for wedding cards available at better price (Inquiry : support@handsmaden.com)

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